Apps for School Singapore

Why Integrating Apps into the Singapore Classroom is a Good Idea

Currently, kids have so many learning opportunities, especially in Singapore schools that integrate technology including fun apps into the classroom. They can learn about the world around them right from their classroom. Teachers can implement math, vocabulary, language and social study concepts much easier through specialized apps for school in Singapore.

Recent educational statistics show that the stimulation of auditory and visual senses in children of all ages increases their attention span and they tend to retain information for longer periods of time. Teachers are finding that the use of apps in schools in Singapore increases their learning retention and knowledge of the subject matter.

  • PreSchool Rhymes
    Reading experts say, rhymes offer a child-friendly way of introducing young children to the wonder of narratives. Contact us at +65 8210 9260 for fun preschool apps.
  • Wonderful world of Stories for Kids in Singapore.
    Expand your child's imaginative potential through interactive stories for Singapore. Gently open the world of reading. Contact +65 8210 9260 for more info.
  • Learning Games Singapore
    Educational children apps are among the most popular of app downloads. 75% of all parent iPad owners and 50% of all iPhone owners download kids apps. Call now +65 8210 9260.

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