How to leverage Augmented Reality in Singapore

December 2, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

Why Singapore?

Augmented reality or AR is an exciting new field in computer technology. The concept of augmented reality has been around as long as science fiction itself, from the sunglasses in They Live to various gadgets and devices featured in the James Bond series.

What Is AR?

Augmented reality is what you get when you use an electronic device, such as a smartphone, to create virtual imagery on top of real imagery. For instance, the Nintendo 3DS allows you to point the handheld system's camera at the top of your desk or your kitchen table or what have you and play a shooting game wherein you are looking at your tabletop, but, in the game screen, seeing that same tabletop with a dragon sitting atop it for you to do battle with. More than just games, AR can be used for everything from driving and map apps to helping you in the kitchen. Anywhere an added virtual visual element could be fun, useful or just interesting, AR can come in handy.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is a gold mine of talented artists, designers, programmers and technicians, and companies like SingTel are breaking new ground in AR development. In fact, SingTel claims to be the first company in Singapore to develop a commercial AR concept with Property Buddy. Property Buddy can be pointed at any piece of property for sale within its database, and you'll see various information and statistics pop up such as price, details on the location, square footage and so on. Singapore is simply bursting at the seams with fascinating content like this and seems to be ready to take on the role of leader in the development of AR in the future.

Developing AR

As with any app or new software launch, the core question when developing a new AR concept is always going to be "What?" as in "What do people need that AR can offer?" Skip this step and you'll only be asking "Why?" As in "Why do we need this?" AR offers a lot of interesting new possibilities, and with help from a strong development team like SingTel or any of dozens of other Singapore software companies, it's incredibly easy to get a new project up off the ground. It has to start from a strong concept, however, and a good place to begin is to simply pick up your smart phone and ask yourself a question.

"What Do I Want it to Do?"

Hold your smart phone or other touch screen device and ask yourself what you'd like it to do for you. This is where good ideas tend to come from. Would you like an AR app to tell you which items on a restaurant's menu are in season? An AR app that lets you know whether or not this store has what you're looking for in stock? There's a lot of room for new ideas in the AR scene.

Developing AR apps is an exciting area of technology right now, and with the right team, you may be surprised what you can do.

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