How to Create an App in Singapore

October 11. 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

A step-by-step approach

Anyone in Singapore who has a mind to accomplish it, can create an app. It's just a matter of knowing the process to take from concept, to placement in the app store. The following app design guide can help any student, educator, developer or professional in Singapore create that great app and get it to market.

What's Your Objective?

Before taking on any app project you have to have an objective, a vision of what you want to accomplish. Just as in any business this is important because it keeps you focused and on track when you deviate from it.

So lets look at an example. Jon is a professional, and he has an idea for an app, but has very little programming experience. He wants to create an app for the Singapore market that will bring him passive income, which won't require him to leave his current job until he wants to. To achieve his goals he realizes that he will either need to take an app design course to learn to program and design his own app, or contract other professional Singapore app design experts to help him bring his concept to life. He may also need to contract additional services to update the app, answer customer questions and market the app through blogging, marketing, and social media. If Jon had not established these objectives before starting the app building process, he may not have considered these other service needs.

He would not be prepared for the additional costs of hiring contractors.

He would not have planned for the additional time commitment.

When considering your objective you should also consider the cost of producing your app, the time commitment you need, especially if you plan on learning to design the app yourself, who will be responsible for marketing efforts, etc.

Get a Second Opinion?

Before deciding to launch your app, you should have it evaluated. Although the game and educational app field is growing in Singapore, it is also highly competed. With more than 700,000 apps in the Apple AppStore and a similar number in Google Play, you want to make sure your app design is feasible and a possible popular app. There is a lot of competition out there.

Look for qualified iPhone and iPad developers in Singapore to evaluate your idea. These professionals are experts in the app development field and know how other client apps have performed. Ask for their opinion before you start the development process.

The Developing Process

1 - Sketch-Out Your Idea

Draw out the visual aspect of your app. You don't have to have any real artistic talent to make a rough sketch of the different visual aspects of your app. But while you are making your mock-ups ask yourself a few questions:

What use will the players have?

What information needs to be on each screen?

How will the app flow?

Who is my targeted audience, and how big do the screen elements need to be?

To Outsource or Not?

Decide on what part of the project you will outsource. Analyze your own skills and decide on whether you can develop the app yourself, will take app design courses or are going to outsource part of the programming work. Keep in mind that when designing an iPad or iPhone app for the Singapore market you are starting a small business, and in most cases, you can't just take on all aspects of a business. Just as in an office, you can't take on the role of secretary, driver, delivery person, lawyer, electrician and more, so you can't take on all the roles of the development process. A programmer may need to take on graphic art help and a designer may need help with programming.

Create Your App Account

The final step in creating your app is setting up your Apple AppStore account. Before your app is completely finished, it may be a good idea to set up your Google AppStore account and start your web design, blogging and marketing process. Your AppStore account can take about 4 to 6 weeks to set up so you want to start early.

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