Checklist for iPad Apps for Kids in Singapore

November 10, 2012
Written by: Sreeprakash Neelakantan

How to Market your Newly Developed iPad Apps for Kids in Singapore

As one of the few successful apps development companies in Singapore I wanted to share with you our marketing techniques that might help you, a new developer, better prepare your app launch, thereby helping you sell more apps. It usually takes us about 4 weeks to prepare a new iPad app for kids in the Singapore market.

As a new iPad developer, it usually takes a bit longer for Apple to approve an app (generally 3 to 4 weeks), the same holds true for an android application development company. But the wait time involved shouldn't be spent just waiting. Instead you should prepare for the launch by doing the following:

1- The Website

As one of the iOS and Android developers Singapore, by now you have realized the importance of a web presence. When developing iPad apps for kids, placing them in the AppStore or on Google Play Store is no longer enough. Your new apps also have to have their own web presence so you'll want to set up a simple two to five page website. Key elements you should include are pictures of the app and a focused selling approach that explains the difference in your kids' iPad app. Remember, to include links to social media and the app store on the website. Make sure you also set up Google Analytics for the website.

2 - Social Media

Just because you are an iPad developer Singapore doesn't mean you can't be social. If you plan on selling your kids' app, you need a FaceBook Fan page just like any other business. Add pictures and updates to your Fan page before you start adding fans. Remember, people want to interact with you, so there is no sense in making a fan page that doesn't have interesting content. Don't forget to create descriptions to your app and links to your website and the app store.

3 - Add Twitter

If you want to market your app effectively, you have to set up a Twitter account with your new mobile apps developers Singapore logo. This will create branding for your new kids' apps business. Your logo should link to your website, and can later link to the app store, if you want. Find groups that want to join your Twitter account, these can be other parent who develop apps Singapore, or any professional app maker Singapore, even bloggers, and app reviewers are great people to follow or be followed by. Remember, these are people so you want to thank them as they choose to follow you.

4 - Add Demos to YouTube

IPad and phone app developers Singapore will also want to make their kids' app presence known on YouTube. This is possible by recording basic demos of the app using something like CamStudio. This is an especially important step if you plan on having qualified kid app bloggers and reviewers give your app a favorable review. They often ask for video information even before considering giving you a review.

5 - The Press Release

Any software development android Singapore company worth their salt will know that a press release is also important as this announces a new app to schools, students, parents and anyone else. Look for a specialized press release service such as PRmac specializing in press release information for Mac users.

Bottom Line

These are just a few ways other programming android singapore use to get the word out. Once your app is in the store you need to get app reviewers to offer you a review, bloggers to add posts to their websites, and comments. Once you get a few reviews you'll want to start tweeting about them, adding links to your FaceBook and continue promoting them through all of the techniques listed above.

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