Schogini - The Most Prolific Mobile App Producer In The World

Here's why Schogini may be the company of choice for your next mobile app project:

#1: Schogini can deliver Iphone, Ipad, Android, Windows Phone and eCommerce applications. Schogini was able to gather in one place some of the most talented people in these fields. They care about doing high quality work for their clients.

#2: Schogini has been recognized by top experts and personalities as one of the best companies in the world in its industry. Its efforts were recognized by political personalities like the US president and the UK prime minister. Magento and Zend PHP marvelled at its eCommerce solutions. Best Hosting and Design Award also acknowledged the value it brought to the industry.

#3: Schogini is the first and only company with more than 450 live mobile apps in the locations that matter. You can find the Schogini mobile apps in the app stores of iTunes, Google Play and Windows App Hub. This tells you that Schogini can deliver high quality apps on any mobile platform.

#4: Schogini produces software under a high standard of quality because it follows to the letter the ISO 9001:2008. This ISO standard version was released in 2008 and it comes with a lot of improvements. All mobile apps that are created based on this standard will be easy to maintain and easy for the customers to understand.

#5: Its clients are both big and small companies. Some of its most important clients are: Nescafe, Watch My Health, Sylvania, Kenya Airways, KLM, The Art Of Living, Bristol-Myers Squibb and many others.

#6: The company is certified by Magento and Zend PHP. Schogini was among the first companies that received a certification from Magento and Zend PHP. It was the very first Indian company that got a Zend PHP certification. service.

"Schogini Systems did a marvelous job in conceiving the basic structure and translating my needs as a doctor into a lucid and powerful internet-based Personal Health Record System"

-- Watch My Health

"The FirstData API Payment Module was very easy to install, and your tech support was incredibly fast (got back to me in ten minutes) regarding a minor problem I had with the .pem file. I wish you guys sold more Magento mods because I'd definitely give you my business"

-- Bob Simmons